Dear Parents,

The primary purpose of education is the manifestation of perfection already in man and woman (Swami Vivekanand). The aim of education is all around development of the child / individual as it implies optimization of hidden potential in the physical, intellectual, mental and spiritural planes.
R.D. Public School began its journey in the year 2019 with few rooms and a handful of teachers. We have grown strength to strength in these 4 Month due to our strong determination, perseverance and unfailing faith in God Almighty.
We believe in “Always keep moving” because the success of life lies in keep moving forward even if it is to make baby steps. Life is like riding a bicycle, either you keep moving or you fall down.
“Success through effort” as our motivating force, we strive continuously in transforming our students academically strong, physically fit, mentally and spiritually sound and at par in co-curricular activities.
Our main objectives have been to bring a child in all its various dimensions. We hope to create more favourable atmosphere which would draw out the special talents, the particular inclinations and tendencies of a child and magnify these to their fullest extent for their future. We are certain that our mission would proceed smoothly to add to the nation’s resource.
May God grant us wisdom in abundance and sense of being responsible always so that we may excel wherever we step forward and remain successful in continuity ever.

Smt . Ranjana Ghos